Summer Internship Program Hyderabad Details

In the past couple of years its become highly common for college students to have an internship in their profile after they graduate. In this competitive world of learnings, study and excellence its necessary to apply and have a meaningful internship in your hands.

We Tru Interns have Summer Internship for 2020. Tru Interns is into Summer Internship Training, Programs and with this we have Summer Intern Openings. Engineering students ( B.Tech – Computer Science Engineering, CSE ) are interned in this Training Institute. We assure you that we are the best in online Summer Internship Trainings as well. We are an Institute with the same.


Summer Internship is a training course of 45 days for technical skilled students based on experimental facts. This course provides training on live projects and real time experience. You get knowledge on any latest technology and the company strives for the student’s benefit. We offer Summer Internships for the courses Machine Learning, AI – Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Python, IOT – Internet of Things, Embedded Systems and VLSI.

What is the purpose of internship with Tru Interns?

The need of a summer internship is to provide real time experience that enables you to put your learning into action. This is to know the scale of your learning. An internship helps you to gain skills to apply them in your future jobs. Internships are of two types. Paid and unpaid. They tend to be in a slot time of the day which is feasible for the students together.

Why Tru Interns has a summer internship?

Internships and self learning experiences make candidates more competitive in the job market and the world around you. They gain a lot of exposure and experience in the field of their study and these internships also provide an opportunity to see if the particular career field is the right one based on getting personal experience as well. And we Tru Interns guide you in finding the best of it.

Not every internship is the same or cater you with skills. What you do day to day and think on your projects of real time can vary widely depending on the firm or institute offering you the same. Mostly important is to understand what you’re going to get out of an internship and to check if that matches with your career goals.

That’s where Tru Interns comes into the picture of your career line with these gainable skills of internship.

Here are all the things you can gain from an internship:
  • New improved skills and how to apply them.
  • Intense Technical Skills
  • Oppurtunity to learning Technical Theory Knowledge to Practicals
  • Gain vast Industry exposure
  • Professional communications with Soft Skills Development.
  • Will gain Contacts and Network.
  • What ever you do, you tend to work hard and strive.
  • You are on your very own and independent in learning.
  • Connections are made.
  • Turn an internship into a full-time job opportunity after college.

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