M.Tech Mini Data Mining Projects

DATA Mining

1A Hidden Markov Contour Tree Model for Spatial Structured PredictionDATA MINING
2Adaptive Diffusion of Sensitive Information In Online Social NetworksDATA MINING
3Adaptive Similarity Embedding For Unsupervised Multi-View Feature SelectionDATA MINING
4Adaptively Secure and Fast Processing of Conjunctive Queries over Encrypted DataDATA MINING
5BATCH A Scalable Asymmetric Discrete Cross-Modal HashingDATA MINING
6Cashless Society Managing Privacy and Security in the Technological AgeDATA MINING
7DGDFS Dependence Guided Discriminative Feature Selection for Predicting Adverse Drug-Drug InteractionDATA MINING
8Discovering Temporal Patterns for Event Sequence Clustering via Policy Mixture ModelDATA MINING
9Effective Keyword Search over Weighted GraphsDATA MINING
10Efficient Match-Based Candidate Network Generation for Keyword Queries over Relational DatabasesDATA MINING
11Efficient Processing of Group Planning Queries Over Spatial-Social NetworksDATA MINING
12Efficiently Processing Spatial and Keyword Queries in Indoor VenuesDATA MINING
13Evaluating Public Anxiety for Topic-based Communities in Social NetworksDATA MINING
14Fast Multi-view Semi-supervised Learning with Learned GraphDATA MINING
15Fuzzy K-Means Clustering With Discriminative EmbeddingDATA MINING
16Guarantee the Quality-of-Service of Control Transactions in Real-Time Database SystemsDATA MINING
17Hierarchical Prediction and Adversarial Learning For Conditional Response GenerationDATA MINING
18Land Use Classification with Point of Interests and Structural PatternsDATA MINING
19Modeling Relation Paths for Knowledge Graph CompletionDATA MINING
20Multi-view Clustering with the Cooperation of Visible and Hidden ViewsDATA MINING
21Online Pricing with Reserve Price Constraint for Personal Data MarketsDATA MINING
22Personalized Long and Short term Preference Learning for Next POI RecommendationDATA MINING
23Predicting Hot Events in the Early Period through Bayesian Model for Social NetworksDATA MINING
24Predicting Student Performance in an Educational Game Using a Hidden Markov ModelDATA MINING
25Privacy Preserving Location Data Publishing A Machine Learning ApproachDATA MINING
26Product Quantized Collaborative FilteringDATA MINING
27Publicly Verifiable Databases with All Efficient Updating OperationsDATA MINING
28Scalable and Adaptive Data Replica Placement for Geo-Distributed Cloud StoragesDATA MINING
29Social Boosted Recommendation with Folded Bipartite Network EmbeddingDATA MINING
30Emotion Correlation Mining Through Deep Learning Models on Natural Language TextDATA MINING
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