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Python is arguably the easiest language to start real programming and Django is the most popular web framework for Python. Together they form a deadly combination which helps you build smart web applications quickly and elegantly. Its ease of use and quick development turnaround has made these technologies a darling of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs. Our content team has weaved together a course which will not only help you master Python and Django concepts but will add real world practical expertise to your knowledge. You will learn the mechanism and tricks to get your ideas to life while working on diverse projects such as E commerce sites , Message Boards, Image Gallery Site, Survey Site and Blogging App.

Internship Tracks


Day - 1 : Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT Applications & projects
IOT Architecture & Deployment models
Building Blocks of IOT
Applications of IoT
Day - 2-4 : Introduction to Open Hardware Platforms
Introduction to ESP8266 development board (ESP12E)
Programming Analog & Digital I/O’s with Arduino IDE
Integrate Analog & Digital Sensors with ESP8266
Working with Servo Motor
Day - 5-7 :IoT Communication Technologies
Hand’s on practical of UART communication with Bluetooth Session
Hand’s on practical of SPI communication with NRF Session
Hand’s on practical of I2C communication with OLED display
Day - 8-12 :IoT Communication Protocols
Device Network Connectivity
Client-Server Communication Model
Publish-Subscribe Communication Model
Working with HTTP and MQTT protocols
Working with CoAP Protocol
Day - 12-17 : Importance of IoT Platform & its generic Architecture
Getting Started with IOT Platform
Explore DHT11 sensor and integrate it to ESP8266
Send Sensor Data to Watson IoT Platform using MQTT
Visualizing real-time data by using boards and cards
Introduction to CloudantNoSQL DB
Query and Process Watson IoT Device Data from CloudantNoSQL DB
API & Client Libraries for CloudantNoSQL DB
Day - 18-22 : Application Development with Node-RED & MIT App Inventor
Introduction to Node-RED
Web App development using NodeRED
Create a Node-RED application to send commands to the device
Introduction to Application Development
MIT App Inventor for Android App Development
Perform Retrieve & Update data operations from MIT App Inventor
Day - 23-26 : Introduction to Raspberry Pi & Python Programming
Raspbian OS, Configurations
Introduction to Python Programming
Python Programming Fundamentals
Conditions and Branching, Loops, Data Types
Classes / Objects
Python Packages
Programming GPIO pins
Working with Ultrasonic Sensor
Working with DHT11 Sensor
Day - 27-29 : Building RESTful& MQTT Communication
Implementing HTTP Client on Raspberry Pi
Implementing Webserver on Raspberry Pi
Implementing MQTT Client & Broker
Day - 30-31 : Introduction to Computer Vision with Python
What is Computer Vision
Applications of Computer Vision
Introduction to OpenCV, Python Packages
Image Processing
Video Processing
Building Computer Vision Use cases
Day - 32-33 : Introduction to IBM Watson AI & Building Intelligent Devices
Speech to Text API
Text to Speech API
IBM Watson Assistant Conversational Devices
IBM Watson Visual Recognition API
Build Intelligent Devices
Day - 34 :Serverless Computing for IoT : Introduction to Computer Vision with Python
Introduction to Serverless Computing
Getting started with Cloud Functions
Integrating External API’s with IoT Applications
Day - 35 to 45 :project Developement
project Developement

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