B.Tech Major Python Projects


1a new real time clinical decision system using ML for critical care unitsmachine learning
2outlier detection in indoor localization and internet of things (IOT) using Mlmachine learning
3research on basketball shooting action based on image feature extraction and mlmachine learning
4emotion detection of contextual text using deep learningdeep learning
5predicting drug risk level from adverse drug reaction using MLmachine learning
6detection of foreign objects in chest radiograph with deep learningdeep learning
7bullet impact detection using RCNNimage processin & Deep learning
8analysis of symatic comprehensive algorithms of natural language based on robot questions and answersmachine learning
9crime analysis using k-means algorithmmachine learning
10fingerprint liveeness detection based on guided filtering and hybrid image analysisimage processin & Deep learning
11detecting and characterising extremist revival group in online product reviewmachine learning
12solving onion market instability by forecasting onion price using ML approachmachine learning
13a new real time clinical decision system using ML for critical care unitsmachine learning
14multi objective optimization algorithm and preference multi objective decision making based on artifical intelligence biological immune system
15natural image deblurring via rining artifacts using knowledge prevent priors
16early detection of parkingson's disease using deep learning and MLmachine learning & DL
17a deep neural collarative filtering for educational services recommendationdeep learning
18an energy efficient routing protocol based on improved artificial bee colony algorithm for wireless sensor networksmachine learning
19an automatic advisor for refactoring software clones based on MLmachine learning
20review study of interpretation methods for future interpretable MLmachine learning
21 risk prediction of theift crimes in urban communities using LSPM and STGCN using deep learning modeldeep learning
22medicine expenditure prediction variance based on generator advasorial network
23deep learning anti fraud model for internet loandeep learning
24combined objection detection for predistrain detectionimage processin & Deep learning
25application of ML methods in health detection a systematic reviewmachine learning
27food receipe alternation and generation with natural language processing techniques
28A study on natural language processing classified newsmachine learning & DL
29human recognition using ear based deep learning featuresdeep learning
30generating image captions based on deep learning and natural language processingdeep learning & NLP
31analysis for disease gene association using machine learningmachine learning
32port recommendation system for altenative container port destinations using a novel neural language
34Machine learning based student's native place identification for real timemachine learning
35ML based automatic classification of knee osteorthritis severity using gait data and radiographic imagesmachine learning
36analysis and detection of community acquired pneumonia using pspnet with complex daubechies wavelets
37deep learning frame work to detect face masks from video footagedeep learning
38evaluation of factors affecting the compressive strenght of concrete
39sign language to speech translation using machine learningmachine learning
40face mask using deep learningdeep learning
41decision free and support vector machine for anomaly detection in water distribution networksmachine learning
423D structure surface modelling from volumetric ct imagesimage processin & Deep learning
43COVID-19 Prediction and Detection Using Deep Learningdeep learning
44Child Attention Detection through Facial Expression Recognition using SVM Algorithmmachine learning
45 Sign Language Recognition Using Deep Learning on Custom Processed Static Gesture Imagesdeep learning
46COVID-19 Future Forecasting Using Supervised Machine Learning Modelsmachine learning
47Classification of COVID-19 in chest X-ray images using DeTraC deep convolutional neural networkdeep learning
48A Prediction Approach for Stock Market Volatility Based on Time Series Datamachine learning
49Movies Reviews Sentiment Analysis and Classificationmachine learning
50A Comparative Study of Support Vector Machine and Naive Bayes Classifier for Sentiment Analysis on Amazon Product Reviewsmachine learning
51Subjective Answer Evaluation Systemmachine learning & NLP
52A Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network for Real-Time Facial Expression Detectiondeep learning
53Road Traffic Condition Monitoring using Deep Learningdeep learning
54BAT: Deep Learning Methods on Network Intrusion Detection Using NSL-KDD Datasetdeep learning
55Efficiently Mining Frequent Itemsets on Massive Data
57A Honeypot with Machine Learning based Detection Framework for defending IoT based Botnet DDoS Attacksmachine learning
59Tourist Place Reviews Sentiment Classification Using Machine Learning Techniquesmachine learning
60Understanding the timing of eruption end using a machine learning approach to classification of seismic time seriesmachine learning
61Predicting Students' Academic Performance Through Supervised Machine Learningmachine learning
62Feature-Level Rating System Using Customer Reviews and Review Votes
63Animal Detection - IOT based Agricutlural IOT and ML
64Food Calorie Estimation - Incrdient based and Image Processingimage processing
65Natural Language Based on Robot’s Questions and Answers - Chatbot with DLdeep learning
66Skin Lesion Classification using CNN and Transfer Learning deep learning
67Face recognition and Emotion Detectiondeep learning
68embedded Night-Vision System for Pedestrian Detection
69An Automated Live Forensic and Postmortem Analysis Tool for Bitcoin on Windows Systems
70Impact Evaluation of Cyber-attacks on Traffic Flow of Connected and Automated Vehicles
71dynamical propagation model of malware for cloud computing security
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