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About Artificial Intelligance

Now available!! With Tru Projects, you may improve your level of expertise and advance your career path. Enroll right now. Don’t bit your nails now the services are available near to your home towns in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram,  Parvathipuram , Paderu, Visakhapatnam ( vizag ) Anakapalli, Kakinada, Amalapuram,  Rajamahendravaram , Bheemavaram,  Eluru , Machilipatnam.

Do you aim to examine Artificial Intelligence (AI) stronger? Then look at Artificial Intelligence Internship in Vizag at Tru Projects. Artificial Intelligence will automate activities that the majority of people believed could only be done by humans.

Research internships provide real-world experience and exposure for beginners, as well as hands-on experience working in the real world. For students with little professional experience, the internship includes a learning curve. They acquire hands-on experience working on real projects, connecting with a variety of teams and clients, and gaining a better understanding of Internship. Internship Certification allows you to put your knowledge to the test while also developing workplace interpersonal skills that may aid in your career search.
The best Online Summer Internship Programs Artificial Intelligence in Vizag and planning to create a fleshed-out profile in your resumes?  Hey hurry up then! Tru Projects offers the Summer Internship Program in Artificial Intelligence in Vizag to help you improve your practical skills. Students are often anxious to Artificial Intelligence Summer Intern because they are concerned that their Artificial Intelligence Summer Internship 2023 for Freshers in Vizag would be filled with uninteresting activities for little or no pay. Despite the fact that not all internships pay in financially, some do pay in other ways. A Summer Internship on AI in Vizag offered by Tru Projects gives you the foundation for a successful career.

Artificial Intelligence Internship for B Tech Students in Vizag Enhances the soft skills, corporate etiquette, attending numerous training sessions, how to conduct oneself in an AI Internship for students 2022 in Vizag, hands-on experience with Real Time Artificial Intelligence Summer Intern 2023 in Vizag, knowing the sector and organization, current industry trends, and more in Artificial Intelligence Internship Online in Vizag.

Artificial Intelligence Summer Camp Program in Vizag allow you to expand your professional network in the following ways: An Artificial Intelligence Summer Training in Vizag helps you to meet individuals from different walks of life and broaden your contacts, which is a crucial part of job growth. As an Artificial Intelligence Online Intern Summer 2023 you will have additional opportunity to form relationships with corporate personnel that you may utilise later in your career with Summer 2022 Artificial Intelligence in Vizag at Tru Projects.

A Summer Internship is a fantastic method to learn about different careers with Certification Internship. Because it usually does not require prior experience, it is easier to get than full-time work in firms. When it comes time to look for a full-time job after interning, you will be a more desirable candidate than your contemporaries by attending Artificial Intelligence Online Intern Summer 2022 in Vizag. Employers care more about your work experience than your academic qualifications. Before entering the job, the best internships allow you to put specific teaching approaches to the test. Instead of learning the hard way in your first job after college, an internship allows you to put what you’ve learned into practise in a safe environment where mistakes are expected. Internships during the summer allow you to shift from student to full-time employee. Graduating and immediately starting a new career might be difficult at times in Final Year Artificial Intelligence Internships for btech in Vizag. At Internship, not every employer is capable of mentoring new employees. If you are unable to change quickly, it might be disastrous. Employers are often looking for applicants who can transition from student to full-time work with little or no training.

Many firms may offer interns a full-time employment if they have gained all of the essential skills and are contributing to the organisation in Real Time AI Summer Intern 2022 in Vizag. They don’t want to lose you because you’re a good investment for the Vizag Technical Internship. At a real-time summer internship, identifying your areas of interest is a various functions and specialties exist in each business. You will learn numerous information about the Online Internship Program so that you can make a more informed career choice. Intern Programme will assist you in identifying your areas of interest within your major Programming Internships. Our Artificial Intelligence Summer Internship 2022 Students in Vizag is meant to assist students learn about the many industries throughout the world and how they might fit in.

Internships in their last year help students figure out what areas of interest and ability they have Artificial Intelligence Online Internship in Vizag. And our Artificial Intelligence Online Summer Internship Course in Vizag are a terrific way to get them started. We not only give training at our school, but we also provide an Artificial Intelligence Internship for CSE Students in Vizag who have completed their certificate, which adds a lot of value to their profile when applying for higher education and jobs. If you want to be a part of any sector in our ever-changing world, you should always be on the lookout for Research Summer Intern Artificial Intelligence in Vizag.

 AI Internship for ECE Students in Vizag are a terrific opportunity to get real-world experience and insight into a sector you’re interested in. If you’re a student or just starting out in your profession, a Final Year Artificial Intelligence Internships in Vizag can provide you with the necessary experience to prepare you for full-time employment. Final Year Artificial Intelligence Internships for ece in Vizag can be paid or unpaid, with some unpaid internships providing additional perks like college credit. Paid internships are becoming increasingly prevalent, as opposed to the conventional internship paradigm, which involves labour in return for experience rather than compensation.
Summer internship on Artificial Intelligence for B Tech Students in Vizag or Artificial Intelligence Final Year Summer Internship in Vizag may be available depending on aspects such as industry or professional, role duties, experience necessary, internship length, and inclusion of class credit.

An intern works for a development of firm for a set amount of time, generally between semesters or concurrently with them. Not everyone has six months or a year will have Internship to gain the necessary work experience for a job right after graduation. Internship Program are more likely to be intensive and concentrated. Summer internship on Artificial Intelligence for ECE Students in Vizag are appropriate for students in their last year of graduation.

Artificial Intelligence Internship Certificate in Vizag can last anything from three months to two years. Internship for Freshers are not appropriate in some fields, such as fashion or editorial, because they do not provide enough time for the intern or the company to profit. Artificial Intelligence Summer Internship 2022 for Freshers in Vizag provide additional depth in the workplace. Paid Internship Artificial Intelligence Summer Online in Vizag allows you to polish your talents as you work on larger projects for longer periods of time, and become a more valuable member of the team in Tru Projects.

Summer internship on Artificial Intelligence for CSE Students in Vizag might be advantageous even for a seasoned worker considering a career shift Artificial Intelligence Summer Online Internship Course in Vizag. Internships Courses for Students have soft talents such as teamwork and leadership. Technical skills and industry expertise, on the other hand, are required before entering a new area of Summer 2023 Artificial Intelligence Internship in Vizag.

Without a doubt, Tru Projects offers the greatest summer internship on Artificial Intelligence for ECE Students in Vizag accessible. We are committed to helping the students to have fun while learning and in trainings. You can come to us if you need training since our team are teachers with years of expertise in a number of industries in Internship certification. The AI Internship Online 2022 will help students comprehend the whole software development life cycle (SDLC). With the internships you will be able to comprehend the entire process of generating software in your own unique way in Tru Projects.

Working with us might lead to you becoming a Freshers Summer Artificial Intelligence Internship in Vizag. The internships were created with care for students who desire to pursue their study or work in this field. Summer Intern may be adapted to one of the greatest summer internships available, which is especially advantageous to younger students.

The summer Training will be adapted to their specific needs. The research Internships will allow students to study the domains at their own speed because we recognise that each student has distinct goals. Many working professionals look forward to having an AI Internship for Computer Science Students in Vizag when they want to change their job position and try something new.
If you are looking for Summer Online Training for Students Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence Internship for Freshers in Vizag join Tru Projects immediately to earn valuable experience. If you don’t want to deter anybody from looking for Remote Summer Internship Artificial Intelligence in Vizag in the traditional manner, start by tapping into Tru Projects website for Paid Summer Internship Artificial Intelligence in Vizag, depending on personal interest. But, because internet searches can help you locate internships and focus on what you want, but may not provide you the unique one like Artificial Intelligence Online Summer Internship Students in Vizag.

So don’t get freak out the Paid Online Summer Internship in Artificial Intelligence in Vizag is opened for Artificial Intelligence 3rd year Summer Internship in Vizag. Please feel free to contact us and give us a tinkle on the blower!!

Internship Tracks

Artificial Intelligence

Day - 1 Introduction to Artificail Intelligence
Introduction to Python
1.Importance of Artifical Intelligence and Use Cases
2.Differnce betwwen AI, Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Programming Essentials
Day - 2: Introduction to Python
1.Anaconda Installation and Introduction to Jupyter Notebook
2.Data Structures in Python (Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, sets)
Day - 3: Introduction to Python
1. Loops, conditional arguments, Comprehensions, Inbuilt functions , string manipulation etc.
2. Introuction to OOPS
Day - 4: Python for Data Science
1. Introduction to Numpy and operations in Numpy
2. Introduction to Pandas and Operations in Pandas – Pandas Basics, Indexing and selecting Data, Merge and Append, Grouping and Summarizing, Lambda functions and Pivot tables
3. Introduction to Reading and Cleaning Data
Day - 5: Introduction to SQL
1. Introduction to Database design, OLAP vs OLTP, Star Schema etc.
2. Basics of SQL, Data Retrieval, sorting, compound functions and relational operators, pattern matching with wild cards.
3. Basics on Table creation, updating, modifying etc.
4. Overall Structure of data retrieval queries, Merging tables, User Defined Functions (UDF), Frames.
Statistics & Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
Day - 6: Introduction To Data Analytics
1. Business and Data Understanding
2. CRISP-DM Framework – Data Preparation, Modelling, Evaluation and Deployment
Day - 7: Data Visualization in Python
1.Introduction to visualization and Importance of Visualization
2. Introduction to various charts
3. Data visualization toolkit in Python (Libraries or modules available in Python)
4. Plotting Data in Python using matplotlib and seaborn – Univariate Distributions, Bi-variate Distributions
5. Plotting Time series data
Day - 8: Exploratory Data AnalysisPurpose of IoT Gateway
1. Introduction to Data Sourcing and various sources available for data collection
2. Data Cleaning – Fixing rows and columns, Missing value Treatment, standardizing values, handling invalid values, Filtering data
3. Data types – Numerical, Categorical (ordered and unordered)
4. Univariate Analysis, Bivariate Analysis, Segmented univariate Analysis
5. Derived Metrics and Feature Engineering
6. Introduction to Outliers and their handling
Day - 9: Inferential Statistics
1. Introduction to inferential statistics – basics of probability, Random Variables, Expected value, Probability Distributions
2. Discrete and Continuous Probability Distributions
3. Central Limit Theorem – Introduction and Industrial applications
Day - 10: Hypothesis Testing
1. understanding Hypothesis Testing, Null and Alternate Hypothesis, Industry Relevance
2. Concepts of Hypothesis Testing – p value method, critical value method
3. Types of Errors, T Distribution, other types of tests
4. Industry Demonstration and A/B Testing
Machine Learning - I
Day - 11: Introduction to Machine Learning
1. Introduction to Machine Learning – Supervised and Unsupervised learning Methods
Day - 12: Simple Linear Regression
1. Introduction to Regression and Best Fit Line
2. Assumptions of Linear Regression (LINE)
2. Cost Functions, Strength of Linear relationship – OLS, coefficient of correlation, coefficient of Determination
3. Intuition to Gradient Descent for optimizing cost function
4. Hypothesis Testing in Linear Regression
5. Building a Linear Model – Reading Data, Cleaning Data, Libraries available – Sklearn, Statsmodel.api
6. Model Building using Sklearn and Training and Test Data, Model Development, Model validation using Residual Analysis, Evaluation against the test Data
Day - 13: Multiple Linear Regression
1. Using Multiple Predictors for Linear Regression
2. Introduction to overfitting, Multi-collinearity
3. Dealing with Categorical variables – OHE, Dummies, Label Encoding
4. Building the model using statesmodel.api and importance of p-values
5. Model Evaluation Metrics – Coefficient of Determination, Adjusted R2, RMSE, AIC, BIC and other model evaluation Metrics
6. Variable Selection – RFE, Step wise selection etc.
8. Gradient Descent and Normal Equation for Multiple Linear Regression
7. Industry Demonstration: Linear Regression Case Study
Day - 14: Model Selection and Best Practices
1. Bias – Variance Trade off, Occam’s Razor, Curse of Dimensionality
2. Cross Validation and how to avoid overfitting
3. Hyper parameter tuning using GridSearchCV, RandomSearchCV and other libraries
Day - 15: Logistic Regression
1. Introduction to Classification
2. Binary classification using univariate logistic regression
3. Maximum Likelihood function, Sigmoid Curve and Best Fit
4. Intuition of odds and log-odds
5. Feature selection using RFE
6. Model evaluation – Confusion Matrix and Accuracy
7. Why Accuracy is not Enough and introduction to sensitivity, specificity, precision, recall, area under curve
8. Logistic Regression Case Study
Day - 16: unsupervised Learning:Means Clustering
Means Clustering:

1. Understanding clustering with practical examples
2. KMeans Clustering – understanding the algorithm
3. Practical consideration for KMeans Clustering – Elbow curve, silhouette metric and hopkings test for clustering tendency of data, impact of outliers

Day - 17: unsupervised Learning:Hierarchical Clustering
Hierarchical Clustering:

1. Hierarchical clustering Algorithm
2. Interpreting the dendogram and Types of Linkages
3. Comparison of Kmeans clustering and Hierarchical clustering – advantages and disadvantages

Day - 18: unsupervised Learning:Principal Component Analysis(PCA)
1. Intuition behind PCA and practical examples
2. Variance as information and basis transformation of vectors
3. Singular Value Decomposition and Identifying optimum principal components using scree plots
4. Model building with PCA
5. Advantages of PCA and Limitations
Machine Learning - II
Day - 19: Tree Models
Decision Trees:
1. Introduction to decision trees and Interpretation
2. Homogeneity measures for splitting a node 1. Gini Index 2. Entropy 3. R2
3. Understanding Hyper parameters – Truncation and Pruning
4. Advantages and Disadvantages
Random Forest:
1. Introduction to ensembling, bagging and intuition
2. Random Forest – Introduction and Hyperparamters
3. Building a model using Random Forest
4. Hyper-parameters impact on model and tuning them
5. Importance of predictors using Random Forrest
Day - 20: Boosting
1. Intuition behind Boosting
2. Adaboost Algorithm – Understanding and Model Building
3. Understanding Gradient Boosting
4. Introduction to Boosting Algorithms : XGBoost, lightGBM, Catboost
5. Advantages of Boosting Algorithms
6.XGBoost Model Building and importance of various Hyper parameters
7. Hyper-parameter tuning for XGBoost
Day - 21: Other Models
1. Introduction to Other Models such as SVM, KNN, Navie Bayes etc.
Day - 22: Time Series
1. Introduction to Time Series with ARIMA
Day - 23: Text Mining
1. Introduction to Text Mining
Deep Learning
Day - 24: Introuction
1.Introduction to deep learning
2.Neural Networks Basics
Day - 25: Neural Networks
1. Introducntion to Artificial Neural Networks
Day - 26: Neural Networks
1. Introducntion to Recurrent Neural Networks
Day - 27: Neural Networks
1. Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks
Day - 28: Neural Networks
1. Introducntion to Generative Adversarial Networks
Day - 29: Reinforcement Learning
1. Introduction to Reinformant Learning
Natural Language Processing
Day - 30: Introduction
1. Introduction
2. NLP tasks in syntax, semantics, and pragmatics.
3.Applications such as information extraction, question answering, and machine translation.
Day - 31: NLP
1.N-gram Language Models
2.Part Of Speech Tagging and Sequence Labeling
Day – 32: NLP
Day - 32: NLP
1. Basic Neural Networks
2. LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks
Day - 33: NLP
1.Syntactic parsing
2.Semantic Analysis
Big Data
Day - 34: Introduction to Big Data storage and Analytics
1. Introduction to Big Data
2. Big Data Storage and processing framework – Hadoop
Day - 35: Hive , sqoop and Spark
1. Big Data ingestion with Hive and sqoop
2.Big Data processing using Apache Spark
Day - 36: Project Development
Day - 37: Project Development
Day - 38: Project Development
Day - 39: Project Development
Day - 40: Project Development
Day - 41: Project Development
Day - 42: Project Development
Day - 43: Project Development
Day - 44: Project Development
Day - 45: Project Development

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